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BISDN has a strong research focus. Over the years we have been involved in some of the most innovative and top-notch research.


XG-BAND (HAZITEK  ZL-2023/00320): Cloud-native software platform for disaggregated broadband Access Networks based on XGS-PON technology (10Gbps)

This project has been totally or partially financed by Basque Government and European Union through European Regional Development Fund.

FRONTRUNNER (2023-2025): Redundancy in access networks

LINCNET (2022-2024): Network steering for LIFi networks

CampusOS (2022-2024): Components and blueprints for setup and operation of open private networks

i14y (2021-2024): Testing disaggregated networking components

AI-NET Protect (2021-2024): Network functions as micro services

SupraCoNeX (2020-2023): Resources management in mobile networks


OTB-5G+ (2019-2022): New network architectures for 5G and subsequent mobile telecommunications systems

IRAP (2015-2016): development of a multi operator system for high capacity speech and data networks in indoor areas 

Sendate Planets (2016-2019): network architecture and technologies for secure and flexible distributed data centers 

5GEx (2015-2018): Creating a unified service orchestration layer

Our research is co-funded by