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pluggable OLT Abstraction pOLTA

Transform your switch into a manageable OLT

Tibit Microplug OLTs work with any Ethernet switch and offer a solution to create disaggregated OLTs

BISDN pOLTA is a software solution for easy and convenient management and scaling of such OLTs

pOLTA: pluggable OLT abstraction

  • PROVIDES a single standardized interface to service orchestrator
  • HIDES the complexity of managing multiple Tibit Microplug OLTs by creating an OLT ABSTRACTION
  • Fully INTEGRATES the Microplug OLT into the host switch and ENABLES additional switch VLLAN manipulation
  • ENABLES cost efficient scaling and easy transition from copper to fiber networks
  • AVOIDS vendor lock-in by supporting a variety of switch hardware



OLT abstraction

Disaggregation is demanded by operators and flexibility is required, needed to achieve interoperability to chassis-based OLTs

Tibit started to support a wide variety of ONU hardware and pOLT extends this to support for a wide variety of switch-APIs

Control interface

Service decomposition simplified! BISDN pOLTA uses service orchestration commands (activation/suspend/resume) from service orchestrators and decomposes them into commands (RPCs) for the PON (OLT/ONU) and the switch APIs.

Management interface

We provide CLI client to the side, but are integrating into both legacy and new NMS for management (e.g. firmware upgrades) and analysis functions (NE explorer)

Streaming telemetry

pOLTA offer statistics exporter for relevant service as well as device statistics (OLT/ONU and switch)

That feature set makes pOLTA the ideal software solution for a variety of TiBiT Microplug based OLTs, including remote-OLTs, modular OLTs and high-density OLTs


pOLTA brochure – PDF, 145 kB


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