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Our team

  • Hagen WoesnerHagen Woesner

    is Co-founder and Co-CEO of BISDN

  • Andreas KöpselAndreas Köpsel

    is Co-founder and Co-CEO of BISDN

  • Carola KlessenCarola Klessen

    is Co-founder and CFO of BISDN

Our story

BISDN was founded in 2012 to apply the concept of software-defined networks to the telecommunication area and reduce the price of equipment in that area by using cheap programmable hardware. This was not as easy as we thought. The requirements of carriers with regards to reliability, accuracy, and predictability of network gear go far beyond those of a data center operator, where reliability is often created via redundant hardware deployments.

Beyond this, traditional telco operators carry a legacy of management and operational support systems that requires individual adaptation. It took us years of development of individual solutions to eventually accumulate the experience that helps us make the right choices of hardware, protocols, deployment tools to solve networking problems.

Starting with 6 founders, the multi-disciplinary team now has more than 20 members, comprising experienced engineers, network visionaries and young talent.

Recently, and with the help of our partner companies, we created a set of fundamental network functions of network and Internet service providers. We adhere to latest standards of BBF, IETF and 3GPP, using and contributing to Open Source projects wherever possible.

In 2023, we co-founded BISDN S.L. in Bilbao, Spain. The Spanish team will concentrate on product development for our pOLTA product, and provide sales and support for the Spanish-speaking markets.