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Demos & PoCs

BISDN has and always had a strong research focus. We have been partners in quite a few relevant research projects, which helped us shape and mature our products, and gave opportunity to interact with partners and potential customers. Here is a list of relatively recent demos shown at conferences, trade shows and universities:

WiMoVE: An architecture for large Wi-Fi systems, May 2023

In cooperation with BISDN, a bachelor’s project at Hasso-Plattner-Institute, Chair of Holger Karl, explored alternative architectures for large Wi-Fi deployments, aiming to reduce the airtime used for broadcast traffic. The resulting architecture WiMoVE splits the conventional, single Layer 2 domain into smaller overlay networks that extend to new access points only when needed, e.g., on handover. This way, regular L2 functionality can be preserved while significantly reducing broadcast traffic.

The team built a proof-of-concept on top of BGP EVPN and VXLAN and open source software. It can be used with any OpenWrt-capable access point. For more details, see https://github.com/wimove-oss.
BISDN supported the project with their knowledge of the problem area, access to relevant networking communities as well as technical feedback.

BBF WT-474 Demo at BBWF Amsterdam, Oct. 2021

Subscriber Session Steering (SSS) is a new standard-in-the-making, currently going under the name BBF WT-474. While this may seem marginal, it represents a huge step in the evolution of fixed access networks towards a mobile network architecture. In short, it introduces L2 overlays in a routed access network and, just as in a mobile network, tunnels are enablers for mobility.
Main author and driver of this work is Jonathan Newton of Vodafone.
BISDN was contracted by Intel (R) to help setting up a demo at 2021 BBWF in Amsterdam. Check the video to understand how we can now seamlessly migrate PPPoE/PPP sessions between BNG instances.

Open Source vBNG Architecture and Performance Evaluation, ONF Broadband Spotlight, June 2020

This demo presented early evaluation results of a DPDK-based vBNG implementation on a standard Intel Xeon-SP server. We show the total achievable throughput (lossless) to be 160 Gbit/s on a dual-socket server design of 2014, so by no means experimental hardware. Slides are here.

SEBA with Microplug OLT at ONF Connect, Sept. 2019

Chip Boling, Tibit Communications, Hagen Woesner, BISDN, Durga Bodla, Delta Electronics

SEBA solution which showcases Delta Network’s white-box switch with Tibit Communication’s Micro Plug OLT and powered by BISDN Linux. We will present and demo the results of our collaboration – the VOLTHA adapter architecture for managing Micro Plug OLT modules, a deployment-ready ONL which packaged a hardened community version OF-DPA, end-to-end broadband subscribers connectivity to SEBA POD and reachability to services.

Abstract from conference proceedings of ONF Connect 2019, presentation