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BISDN Linux 5.1.1 released

BISDN Linux 5.1.1 is maintenance release focused on fixing issues and improving stability. We fixed an issue where relearning devices on a bridge was not working properly, and forwarding started to be done in software, severely degrading performance. Baseboxd will no longer crash sometimes when attaching interfaces to a bridge. We fixed a rare issue where baseboxd sometimes might miss route updates. switch_tcmpdump will now properly remove the temporary ACL rule on exit. OF-DPA’s ofagent now will no longer have random characters appended to its hardware information in OpenFlow.

We added a new configuration option to baseboxd to change the internal VLAN used for ports that are not part of a bridge. The default of 1 may cause packets being forwarded to ports that are part of a bridge when using the same VLAN on the bridge. For details on this issue and the workaround see the Documentation.

SSH host keys and the configured hostname will now also be taken over when upgrading to BISDN Linux 5.1.1, reducing the friction when updating to a newer version. To make upgrades easier in environments with no DHCP supplied IP addresses, we added a new switch -d for onie-bisdn-upgrade to download the image from within BISDN Linux before installing it.

Finally, we updated the Linux kernel to 6.1.90 and FRR to 9.0.2, bringing various improvements.

For a detailed list of changes and addressed CVEs see the changelog.


Looking forward to ANGA COM 2024

We will be present at booth #7SEP.5 in Köln /Cologne from May 14 to 16, presenting pOLTA, but ready to speak about anything but 1.FC Köln’s performance this season.

If you are cross-border traveling you will probably carry an adapter plug with you. This little helper lets you use your electronic devices in countries stubborn enough to cling to an installed electrical system that is different from your home. pOLTA is the software equivalent of such an adapter plug for the transition to fiber access networks.

pOLTA is a controller for GPON/XGS-PON hardware from a number of vendors. It provides a clean (BBF TR-383/385) netconf/yang interface to provision and monitor FTTx for a growing variety of OLTs and ONTs. We have partnered with a number of OSS vendors to easily integrate into existing systems at small and medium sized Internet providers.

Come and grab our merch and speak to Jon and Daniel, or have a beer with Hagen.


pOLTA 0.10.0 released!

We are happy to announce the release of pOLTA 0.10.0. The latest release includes improved telemetry with increased number of exposed statistics for both OLT and ONU equipment, and the pOLTA instance itself (VNF).

Now, we also provide support for Syslog to ease third-party integration for logging and audit solutions. We have enhanced the hardware abstraction model to improve flexibility to support more scenarios and configuration options.

In the same way, we have added and verified support for more complex services and new ONU vendors. We have also added ONU pre-provisioning support and the ability to remove a service and deactivate an ONU in a single NETCONF RPC.


BISDN Linux 5.1.0 released!

We are happy to announce the release of BISDN Linux 5.1. 

This release upgrades FRR to the newest version 9.0 and provides an extended set of packages available via opkg post installation. This is a first iteration, and will be expanded in further releases.

We fixed an issue where devices moving switching ports a second time were not relearned properly, and now ignore invalid linux bridge configurations instead of crashing, avoiding potential desync of state without a reboot. OF-DPA now by default does not keep its own logfile anymore, avoiding filling up the disk due to warnings or error messages. The same messages are still printed in the systemd journal, where there are safeguards against filling up the disk.

Be aware that we removed the ip parameter from the onie-bisdn-linux-update script, as it was a source of easily bringing the switch in state where serial access is needed and had limited functionality even if working correctly. It now always defaults to DHCP.

There is a known issue in this release with (Q)SFP LEDs on Edgecore EPS 201/202 (Accton AS4630-54PE/AS4630-54TE), which do not change color based on speed and stay white on link. This will be fixed in a future release.

If you would like to upgrade to our latest release, please head over to our download page, which contains direct links to the images and detailed change logs for each platform.


Meet us at NetworkX in Paris!

We would like to invite you to join us at NetworkX. Our team will be at the Broadband Forum stand as part of the multi-vendor CloudCO demo.

This year’s BBF demo shows an interoperable, intelligent and resilient cloud-based access network composed of components by ten vendors. The network will be hosted live both at NetworkX demo stand in Paris and the Interop Lab of University of New Hampshire. 

In the run-up to this demo, BISDN participated in a large-scale virtual plugfest. During that cooperation, the BBF technical recommendations and working texts underwent a reality check. This has been an excellent opportunity for us to test our components in real interaction with partners and competitors. BISDN shows an end-to-end solution, which means that we have one or more of each functional component as part of the demo, from a home gateway up to the Internet Service Gateways (BNGs).

If you would like to check out the demo on site and discuss with our technical team, do let us know and visit us at the BBF stand in Paris, 24.-26.10.2023.


BISDN Linux 5.0.1 released

We are happy to announce the first service release of BISDN Linux 5.0 (Ortolana).

BISDN Linux 5.0.1 focuses on stability and security. As part of it we updated the Linux kernel to 6.1.47.

On Edgecore AS4610 series, we fixed an issue where the I2C bus may lock up after a transmission time out. The bus will now successfully recover from this state.

We resolved an issue where a fast link up of ports on startup may get missed, and ports were stuck without carrier unless their link state got changed again. IP addresses assigned to the loopback interfaces via systemd-networkd are now scanned and applied correctly. We resolved multiple race conditions in VxLAN handling, greatly improving reliability of VxLAN tunnel establishment.

OF-DPA will no longer crash on startup if there are network interfaces present with 15 characters long names.

Finally we fixed a rare crash of baseboxd due to incorrect parsing of some netlink messages in libnl, and improved their handling in mstpd as well.

If you would like to upgrade to our latest release, please head over to our download page, which contains direct links to the images and detailed change logs for each platform.


BNG performance quadruples in 5 years

This latest Intel whitepaper shows a boost in performance – 700Gbps compared to the 160Gbps we measured in 2020. At the same time, energy consumption was reduced significantly.


Meet us during netze:on in Leipzig: 12.-14.09.2023

Book a slot for our pOLTA demo during the new trade fair for energy technology, distribution and broadband networks! We will be in hall 3, stand H04 – contact us to receive your free ticket!


WiMoVE at the Berlin 6G Conference in Berlin

Our colleagues from HPI are presenting the results of their WiMoVE project between 27. and 29. June. If you get a chance, do check out the annual networking event!


BISDN Linux 5.0.0 Ortolana released!

We are happy to announce the release of BISDN Linux 5.0.0 Ortolana. This major release features the move to the latest LTS Linux Kernel release 6.1, improved port representation on the switch, and unified images per architecture, as well as various bug and security fixes.

With the switch to BISDN Linux 5.0.0, there is now a single image for supported switches with x86 host CPUs replacing all previous per-device images, reducing the need for downloading multiple images when using different machines.

For port representation we now default to Broadcom KNET interfaces for new installations, bringing significantly reduced latency for any network access of on-switch processes. When using Broadcom KNET interfaces, duplication of packets on bridges that are received by the controller is now prevented. Last, but not least, the ports will now only be enabled when the port interfaces are set up in Linux. 

With BISDN Linux 5.0.0, we also fixed the maximum PoE power for PoE+ devices on Accton AS4610, and increased it from ~20W to the expected 31W. The switch will now properly prevent flooding/forwarding on bridges that aren’t up. USB 3.0 ports should now provide 3.0 speeds. In addition there were various CVE fixes for various packages, including FRR’s bgp module.

If you would like to upgrade to our latest release, please head over to our download page, which contains direct links to the images and detailed change logs for each platform.


Intraway and BISDN launch XGSPON provisioning

Together, the two vendors have developed a Zero Touch Provisioning Solution for Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH).

Find the full statement here


Meet us @ANGACOM from 23.-25. May in Köln

Contact us to arrange a meeting and a demo in hall 7, stand MS5. We are excited to show you our rOLT solution pOLTA!

To secure your free ticket, please use the code yxzpbV3G to book via the ANGA ticket shop.


New website online!

We have launched our new website to inform you about our work and our products. Do get in touch if you would like to know more!