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BISDN Linux – The free and open NOS

What is a NOS?

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A NOS (Network Operating System) is the software that runs on a switch or router. Practically every switch vendor has developed their own NOS, and BISDN Linux is one of few Open Source NOS.
BISDN Linux runs on a class of white box switches that are typical for small and medium data centers and telecom network appliances.

Why BISDN Linux?

BISDN developed baseboxd as a completely free and open SDN controller. It integrates the switching ASIC into the Linux system and exposes switch ports as regular interfaces of a Linux system. This means that you do not need to learn a new templating language or configuration interface to set up switch ports and configure IP addresses on them. If you would like to learn more, check out our full documentation at docs.bisdn.de.


Data center

In almost all datacenters, Linux is the dominant operating system on servers. We think this should become true for switches as well.

With BISDN Linux, all those top-of-rack and spine switches can be managed, configured and monitored exactly the way servers are. This means that you can configure bonds and VRFs on-switch with systemd-networkd. Add IP addresses and dynamic BGP routing with FRR on top of that, and automate all of those tasks with Ansible across switches and servers with exactly the same syntax.

After setting up this initial configuration, you can deploy our switch-statistics Prometheus exporter and directly pipe all the metrics you need into your Prometheus server.

Telecom applications

In modern access networks, a disaggregated architecture has become the go-to model. In addition to that, most large telecommunication providers are working towards removing vendor lock-ins wherever possible, to be able to upgrade faster and be more versatile within the market.

Together with our partner TiBiT we offer a fully modular solution, where pluggable TiBiT OLTs can be used directly in BISDN Linux enabled switches to build a multi-port XGS-PON OLT. This approach allows on-demand scaling up to 6000 customers on a single 48 port whitebox switch with a total bandwidth up to 480 gbps. Management of this whitebox OLT is done via netconf (using BBF yang models) compatible with traditional chassis-based OLT solutions.


Full documentation docs.bisdn.de

BISDN Linux brochure – pdf


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