Cloud-hosted PON controller – we do IT for you

We integrate hardware underneath a common access controller. This includes our whitebox OS as well as a vBNG, a PON controller and LI functionality.

BISDN develops software for cloud-based network access. Our end customers are small and medium sized carriers, whom we serve directly or in cooperation with system integrators.

For system integrators, we license and brand our software as well as offer adaptation of existing control interfaces to our controller.

The integration of disaggregated network components requires technical knowledge that carriers may not have. We therefore host our solutions in public or private clouds to make deployment easier. Thus, our customers do not need to deploy their own infrastructure to manage their networks.

In addition to our software products, we offer both, industry-leading consultancy services for a smooth integration into existing networks and professional software maintenance. Hence, network operators will be in a position to increase their network capacity while reducing cost and improving efficiency.