Managed Wi-Fi

The next big thing in whiteboxing is Wi-Fi.

Future bandwidth demands will require significantly smaller cells and many more access points than today. With an open, cross-vendor system, we address the challenges of smaller cells and the increased complexity of frequency management, handover, and flow steering.

While the data center has seen a transformation to open systems and standards, the complexity of Wi-Fi devices poses new challenges. SDN is the key to scalable traffic management in small cell deployments.

We apply and extend future-proof, cloud-based provisioning solutions for Hotspot 2.0 access points.

Our software runs on Broadcom and Qualcomm platforms for 802.11 ac wireless access points. We also customize our solution to other platforms – just contact us for an individual offer.

Solution Overview

  • Optimized spectrum
  • Secure access
  • Network mobility
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