Business Cloud Gateway

We work towards the personalization of networks.

The cloud gateway allows our small and medium business customers to connect their internal infrastructure to a cloud of their choice. They can roll out any service on the gateway itself, turning the appliance into a NFV service delivery platform.  

BISDN also offers cloud backend services at a data center in Berlin.

The potential use cases are manifold:

  • Hosting data acquisition, processing/fusion, storage
  • Rolling out managed Wi-Fi networks,
  • Setting up secured connections between distributed branch offices and hosting the applications used by virtual teams to collaborate
  • Cloud-based remote network administration

Benefits of the BCG solution:

  • Secured connection between local infrastructure and cloud provider
  • Easy integration into local infrastructure
  • Allows collaboration between various distributed actors
  • Data protection and storage via the cloud provider
  • Different hardware options scale and adapt easily to changing requirements
  • Automatic IPsec-to-cloud setup and key exchange
  • Firewall solutions are integrated
  • All connected BCGs can be configured and managed in the cloud via a web interface

Solution Overview

  • Secured connection between distributed locations
  • Easy and secure cloud connection
  • Service delivery platform
  • Cloud backend services
  • Allows data acquisition and processing

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