BISDN Linux Distribution

Free whitebox operating system and access to a public repository for package download.

This is as easy as whiteboxing can get:
1. You buy a whitebox switch
2. You get the BISDN whitebox OS
3. You connect an SDN controller of your choice (ryu, OpenDayLight, ONOS)
4. With baseboxd and FRR, you can build your own free whitebox router
5. You’re ready to go…

Since Open Source schemes only work if they are addressing the needs of a larger crowd, we will transfer such packages into the public repo that we believe are of interest to a wide range of network engineers. this includes initially the OF-DPA and ofagent binaries. In addition, you can install, e.g., the ryu OpenFlow controller to run directly on the box. 

We continue adding packages to the public repository and are ready to work with you on custom features. If you like, we will support you – just get in touch to learn about our support schemes! 

Being yocto-based, our custom embedded Linux manages whitebox switches. Check out the latest release notes here

A word on yocto vs ONL:

Yocto is a Linux Foundation project specifically targeted at creating distributions for embedded systems. While we use a lot of ONL code, we believe that yocto is better suited for the purpose of running on embedded CPUs with limited power and space.