Meet BISDN @TIP Summit

September 26, 2018

BISDN will join the Telecom world’s TIP Summit 2018 in London on October 16th/17th. Being one of the three German-based TEAC winners (TIP Ecosystem Acceleration Centers), we are looking forward to showcase the first results of our cooperation with carriers and vendors within the The Telecom Infrastructure Project.

On Oct. 17th we will present the work BISDN has done with Deutsche Telekom in adding a 5GHz MIMO “fronthaul” or “final hop” onto the 60GHz TerraGraph network. This extends wireless connectivity from the 60GHz network right into the home without mounting devices to the exterior of the customer’s property. Internally, a modified WiFi Access Point terminates the 5GHz MIMO signals and provides Ethernet ports to which users’ devices connect as normal. That way, the last hop into the customer premises is simplified, no drilling is needed, and Telekom access network service is produced in a way familiar to residential customers.

Do come and meet us at our TEAC stand to discuss the progress we made in the TIP Community Lab together with Deutsche Telekom! 

TIP Summit 2018