Meet BISDN @ONF Connect

December 3rd, 2018

BISDN will be participating in ONF Connect from Dec 4th to 6th. Being a contributor to the Stratum project, BISDN staff is going to present its Open Source Whitebox Router during a NFV fabric track session.

More specifically, we will introduce BISDN Linux and baseboxd, an Open Source SDN framework that can run either on or off switch. baseboxd is a netlink-to-OF-DPA translator that allows the use of standard Linux network applications without having to write SDN controller apps. BISDN Linux is a switch operating system that comes for free and runs on a handful of data center whitebox switches (Edge-core, Delta, Quanta, Celestica). in addition to being free (as in ‘free beer’) it also offers an application development kit allowing developers to fix bugs and develop own applications on real hardware. In its simplest form, BISDN Linux exposes ofagent and can be integrated into ONOS and Trellis. Moreover, by running baseboxd and a routing agent like FreeRangeRouting directly on the switch, Open Source Routing on hardware becomes reality. The combination of FreeRangeRouting, baseboxd and BISDN Linux creates a low-cost SDN platform for small enterprises and academia.

More details on the open source whitebox router is available on the project website

More information on the ONF Connect event is available here

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