IoT Gateway now available

To meet a growing need for ruggedized IoT gateways, we created – in cooperation with our hardware partner HawkeyeTech – an IP65 gateway that can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is designed for harsh environments such as aviation, logistics, autonomous devices and the like. The gateway offers an easy way of collecting and processing data from multiple sources such as wireless sensors, MQTT or ModBus. The data can then be forwarded securely to cloud environments such as AWS, and can thus be useful for IoT applications of all sorts. 

The gateway comes with LTE, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. In addition, its NFC capability enables it to create a chain of trust between local operation and remotely stored sensors or actuators. This means that only authorized staff can create a link between the additional devices, and can also be forced to authenticate themselves towards the device or the process. Our open source software platform can easily be extended to accommodate additional use cases – just like an app store.

Just contact us if you are interested, and check out how this box can be of assistance to you!