BISDN Linux goes all in on Open Source

Whitebox NOS BISDN Linux now available as Open Source software

Berlin, 25 August 2021: On the 30th anniversary of Linux, BISDN is excited to announce that their whitebox network operating system (NOS)  BISDN Linux is now available in open source. This means that the source code is accessible on Github and pre-built images are available for download in the repository. The code and the images can be used free of charge, including in commercial environments. 

Using the Yocto Project as base allowed BISDN to develop the whole NOS while applying the paradigms of small embedded systems. Open sourcing the entire build chain now enables developers to pick and modify recipes from the large library of OpenEmbedded in order to build their own software packages for the target platforms.

BISDN Linux comes with a set of features essential in most enterprise and datacenter environments:

  • Layer-2 switching including VLANs 
  • Spanning Tree and Link Aggregation
  • Layer-3 routing protocols like BGP, OSPF(v2/3), RIP, EIGRP and IS-IS
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting features like port mirroring and an on-board version of tcpdump

After open sourcing, BISDN will now focus on adding support for more platforms – in particular the Edgecore 100G platform AS7726 -, as well as building and growing the open source community around the project. By providing a completely free NOS and enabling the community to adapt it to their needs, BISDN supports the shift towards fully open source networking on whitebox switches.


About BISDN Linux 

BISDN Linux  is a straightforward interpretation of Linux on a switch. Its core is the baseboxd controller translating Linux netlink events into the switch API of the Broadcom XGS (data center) line. Open Source software projects like FreeRangeRouting (FRR), systemd-networkd, ansible, docker, etc., can therefore be used on switch without modifications.  

Internally the switch is using mainly OpenFlow, so BISDN Linux allows the integration of switches into larger SDN environments by using centralised OpenFlow controllers like ONOS or even more fine grained control over the packet flow by directly replacing the on-switch SDN controller baseboxd with the already prepackaged Ryu.


About BISDN 

BISDN was founded in 2012 in Berlin, Germany, and set out to develop the software needed in the rapidly changing world of software defined networking. Based on long-standing experience in the area of telecommunication as well as data center networking, BISDN focusses on high-performance whitebox switching and open network software solutions. With BISDN Linux at the core of most of their products, BISDN aims to build the free and open SDN solutions needed for the future world of networking. It covers end-to-end components for fiber access networks, ranging from whitebox XGSPON solutions to vBNG. 

BISDN is a member of TIP, BBF and ONF, and actively collaborates with hardware vendors and carriers.