BISDN selected to join TEAC

Berlin, Germany, March 21, 2018; BISDN GmbH is pleased to announce that it is among the three winning companies selected to join TEAC Germany (TIP Ecosystem Acceleration Center). TEAC was set up to promote breakthrough technologies in the field of telecom infrastructure. Some of the world’s largest telecom service providers have set up TEACs in the UK, France and South Korea. Initiated by Facebook and Deutsche Telekom, TEAC Germany will create an incubator structure providing access to test labs at DT, support in marketing, business development, and strengthening the network between the selected companies and the 500+ TIP members.

BISDN’s CEO Hagen Woesner explains: “We are proud that the jury has appreciated our technical approach of hardware acceleration for network functions. We believe that the cloud-native redesign of telecom applications can only be successful when building on top of Open Source software and hardware.

With 5-year experience in building Proofs of Concept (PoCs), lab trials and field trials, BISDN has the expertise to address the specific requirements of carriers. Our product Basebox is an enabler for the offloading of LINUX packet handling to hardware. In that respect, it can be at the core of many telco applications.

We look forward to cooperating within the growing TIP ecosystem.”

About BISDN: BISDN GmbH is a team of international SDN and NFV experts based in Berlin. The company has been self-funded and profitable since the year of its institution, 2012. The track record in NFV-based telco applications consists of various demonstrators, PoCs, lab trials and field trials up until 2017, when the company focused on developing its core product Basebox, consisting of a whitebox switch operating system and a set of SDN controllers that off-load the LINUX packet processing pipeline to remote switches.

About TEAC Germany: TEAC Germany, driven by Deutsche Telekom and Facebook, is part of the Telecom Infrastructure Project (TIP), a growing global ecosystem connecting large carriers, innovative startups and venture capital firms to create deployable infrastructure solutions.