BISDN Linux 4.4.0 released

We are happy to announce the release of BISDN Linux 4.4.

In this release, we add support for the Edgecore ES202 platform, also known as AS4630-54PE, a 48x1G platform with PoE with additional 25G and 100G ports.

In addition to that, we addressed multiple issues around STP on bond interfaces. This feature is still in the experimental phase, and may not always work as expected.

The Linux kernel in all images was updated to 5.15, and FRR is now also included in its latest release 8.1.

To allow versioned configuration management, we added the git utility to all images.

Finally we addressed an issue where VLANs removed from bridges may not always be correctly removed from the ASIC.

New images are available on and documentation as always on