BISDN Linux 4.8 released

We are happy to announce the release of BISDN Linux 4.8.0.

In this release, we added the Edgecore EPS201 (AS4630-54TE) as a supported platform and updated to Linux kernel 5.15.64.

To allow easier differentiation between switch platforms when connected via ssh, we changed the default hostname to be set based on the ONIE machine name. Our installer now checks the switch hardware prior to installation to avoid issues with switch models that are not fully supported. In terms of bug fixes, we focussed on multiple issues reported by customers in regard to enabling time synchronisation for all platforms. In addition to that, we targeted an issue where attaching and detaching ports with configured IP addresses to bridges lead to a non-functional state for those ports. Last but not least, we fixed an issue in which ports would start to flap when users would try to set their MTU via DHCP on platforms with Intel x86 host CPUs.

If you would like to upgrade to our latest release, please head over to our download page, which now also contains direct links to the images and detailed release notes for each platform.