BISDN Linux 4.8.1 released

We are happy to announce the release of BISDN Linux 4.8.1
In this bug fix release, we patched an issue where upgrading to v4.8.0 on a specific revision of the Agema AG5648v1 (x86_64-delta_ag5648v1-r0) was not possible. In addition to that, we also updated the port mapping in the LED controller on the same platform, so that those are now correctly blinking to indicate traffic on the corresponding ports.
Furthermore, we addressed an issue where creating VLANs on a bridge interface prevented ports not attached to the bridge to receive traffic on those VLANs. The default bridge VLAN 1 also affected receiving untagged traffic on those ports.
If you would like to upgrade to our latest release, please head over to our download page, which now also contains direct links to the images and detailed change logs for each platform.