BISDN Linux 4.7.0

We are happy to announce the release of BISDN Linux 4.7.0.

In this release, we mainly focused on upgrades to our build system yocto from dunfell (3.1) to the next LTS release kirkstone (4.0), as well as couple of small changes that were directly requested by the community.

The first of these changes is targeting the assignment of MAC addresses for ports created by our SDN controller, baseboxd. In this release, we changed the behaviour to not generate random MAC addresses anymore, but instead use the ones directly read from the EEPROM.

The second change is about the memory allocation for the L2/L3 tables in OFDPA and specifically affects all Trident 3 based switch platforms. In releases prior to this one, the mode was set to “default”. With this release, we switch to “balanced”, which significantly increases the number of possible L2 and L3 entries for all Trident 3 based systems, while not affecting any other platform.

In addition to the features mentioned above, we fixed a bug in mstpd, which would sometimes lead to a desync between the mstpd and the actual kernel state.

Last but not least, we also upgraded the Linux kernel to version 5.15.56.