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Open platforms require open interfaces. OpenFlow was at the beginning of the era of whiteboxes, breaking the vendor-lock-in of network devices. A vast amount of new solutions have since emerged from the open source community and from commercial operators. 

We combine the ease-of-use of Linux networking with SDN and state-of-the-art packet processing platforms. For this purpose we have open sourced three core elements:


Open Source Whitebox Router

We provide baseboxd, a deamon that offloads Linux kernel forwarding and routing to hardware switches. baseboxd is open source. It closes the gap between well-established Linux open source routing projects, such as FRR, and whitebox switches. 

It’s essentially SDN without the difficult part. No need to program any interfaces, just configure the entire router like a Linux box. Hardware acceleration centuplicates the router performance. Only buy the hardware and download the rest. If you like we will support you – just get in touch to learn about our support schemes.

More details on the Router are available on the dedicated project website. 


We address the challenges of enhanced packet processing on non-ASIC environments and generic compute platforms with our eXtensible DataPath Daemon (xdpd) – a datapath framework that supports various packet processing platforms.
Check out the Intel-DPDK-based soft switch on github.


For those working on solutions in OpenFlow,  our Revised OpenFlow Library (rofl) facilitates the development of controllers and datapath elements. Roflcommon is a C++ library offering a generic OpenFlow endpoint. Rofl-datapath is an ASNI-C implementation of an OpenFlow pipeline. 
It is easily portable to multiple compute and switching platforms, including ARM, MIPS and FPGA. Check out the code on github.


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Research activities

We are actively participating in research activities in SDN and NFV. We have been particularly active in the following research projects: