Carrier solutions

  • Wi-Fi Gateway

    For a large Tier1 carrier BISDN developed and piloted a Wi-Fi network which extended home routers by a centrally operated wifi network.

  • vBNG Gateway

    We have built a virtual Broadband Remote Access Server (vBRAS) prototype, based on the CUPS approach (Control User Plane Separation). 

    vBNG Whitepaper.pdf
  • Whitebox OLT 

    In our capacity as Certified Integration Partner (CIP) for Tibit Communications, we have set up a lab in Berlin. Here we are showcasing the interoperability of the pluggable OLTs (Optical Line Terminals) with various switch platforms and with ONUs (Optical Network Units).

    If you would like to learn more about pluggable OLTs on whiteboxes, please contact us. We provide remote access to the lab, and we are here to help.