Press release: Basebox

Berlin, Germany, June 21, 2016 – BISDN releases Basebox, a modular software that integrates whitebox switches into OpenStack. Consisting of an embedded OS and two stacked SDN controllers it allows on-demand VLAN configuration for tenant networks, multi-chassis link aggregation, and integrates into OpenStack with an ML2 plugin. It is built on BISDN’s open source ‘Revised OpenFlow Library (rofl)’, and its main component, baseboxd, is available on github as well.

Basebox was developed to the needs of small-to-medium OpenStack installations.

Jan Klare of x-ion, a Berlin-based OpenStack integrator: “We were looking for a whitebox-switch solution that would integrate in our OpenStack appliance and allow us to configure per-port VLANs to reduce broadcast domains. Since we have resiliency requirements that we address with bonded interfaces on servers and replicated ToR switches, we needed a solution that would abstract multiple switches. We spoke to BISDN folks and they tailored a lean solution that does what it is supposed to.”

Hagen Woesner, CEO of BISDN, adds: “It felt like a low-hanging fruit to combine some of the things we had developed over the last years, serving a specific need. Now we feel that what we developed should be interesting to a wider audience. Clearly, more features will be added in the coming months and we do hope that baseboxd will turn out to be useful by itself as a netlink-to-OpenFlow translator.”

Based on Broadcom’s OF-DPA2.0 specification that was released earlier this year, the yocto-based embedded Linux runs on two Trident-II switches of Quanta and Accton/Edge-core, respectively. It can be deployed via ONIE and can run a standalone L2 switch when baseboxd runs locally. Alternatively, a remote OpenFlow controller named CAWR builds a giant switch abstraction including failover and multi-chassis link aggregation across a number of whitebox OF-DPA2.0 switches. The same baseboxd controller that can be used in stand-alone mode then manages an entire domain as a single switch and integrates into OpenStack via ML2.

 About BISDN:

BISDN is a Berlin-based software company founded in 2012. We develop core components for the SDN integration into whitebox hardware. Our high-performance solutions for network virtualization pave the way towards open infrastructures. For our customers, hardware vendors and network operators, we develop new network designs and prototypes that facilitate the migration of traditional networks towards SDN and NFV.

At BISDN, we whitebox networks!


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