BISDN is actively participating in research activities in SDN and NFV. Our current research activities particularly involve the following European research projects.


The 5GEx project is creating an agile exchange mechanism for contracting, invoking and settling for the wholesale consumption of resources and virtual network services.

In this project BISDN works on a new concept for an SDN exchange point for trading resources. This will enable joint provisioning of compute and networking across multiple providers.

More information on the project website.

The UNIFY project researches, develops and evaluates means to orchestrate, verify and observe end-to-end service delivery from home and enterprise networks through aggregation and core networks to data centers.

In this project BISDN works on hardware-accelerated io for Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) and orchestration of CPEs.
More information on the project website.

PRISTINE designs and implements RINA clean-slate architecture. This includes the programmable functions for supporting congestion control, providing protection/resilience, facilitating more efficient topological routing, and multi-layer management for handling configuration, performance and security.

BISDN works on applying the clear addressing and routing principles of RINA to the service layer. We also worked specifically on the authentification of the IRATI SDK.
More information on the project website.

The shim controller developed during the project CAR project was branded the BISDN CAWR controller (Capability AWare Routing) and has become a component of our Basebox solution.


The CAR project was co-funded by EFRE and was finished in 2015.